Will My Ex Ever Contact Me Again? 6 Facts!

Will my ex ever contact me again?

If you asked me this question I would say I hope not.

No, I’m just kidding.

I actually have a very good relationship with my ex-girlfriend.

And I can’t just end this article by saying I hope she will never contact me again and I hope that you ask girlfriend will never contact you again.

You are asking yourself this question because you want your ex-girlfriend to contact you again.

Am I right?

Maybe you want her back. Maybe you just miss her. And maybe you can’t get over the breakup.

No matter what the reason might be why you are thinking about your ex contacting you again…

… It is possible.

But it’s only possible under certain conditions.

And even if she decides to contact you again or even if you do the things I share with you in this article and she will contact you because of that…

…be careful.

It’s not always a good idea to start dating your ex again. In fact, most of the time it’s a very bad idea.

And whether or not your ex-girlfriend wants to date you again depends on what happened between you and her.


1. Will my ex ever contact me again? It depends on what happened

I would be lying if I would give you a universal answer.

I can’t just say yes or no because I don’t know what happened between you and her.

Whether or not she wants you back depends on so many variables.

Will my ex ever contact me again?

Please allow me to share different possible outcomes with you that depend on the different experiences you made with her.


2. She won’t contact you if she hates you

I can confidently say that your ex-girlfriend won’t contact you if she hates you.

She might hate you because you cheated on her. She might hate you because you abused her, which I hope you didn’t.

And she might even hate you because she never felt appreciated and valued in the relationship.

These can be all reasons why your girlfriend doesn’t want to contact you again.

And let’s be honest, in case your girlfriend really hates you, the last thing you want is that she contacts you again.

No matter how sad you are at the moment and no matter how much you want her back, you should never desperately try to get a woman back who doesn’t even like you anymore.

In this case, I invite you to focus on yourself instead of trying to get her back.


3. She’ll contact you if she still loves you

What if she still loves you?

In this case, it’s very possible that your ex-girlfriend tries to contact you again.

She might even contact you again very fast after the breakup.

What if the break-up between you and your ex happened a couple of months ago?

They still hope.

If a woman loves you, she will find a way to contact you.

She might send you a DM on Instagram. Or she contacts you on Facebook Messenger to ask you how you’ve been.

Or maybe one night you will get a drunk call from her in which she tells you that she still has feelings for you.

These things can happen when your ex still loves you. In fact, when she loves you it’s very likely that your ex will contact you again.


4. Do you really want your ex to contact you?

Will my ex ever contact me again?

I know that you are looking for the answer to this question.

But there is one question that you should ask yourself that’s even more important than this one.

You should ask yourself if you even want your ex-girlfriend to contact you again.

Think back to the time when you broke things off. Try to remember the details of your breakup.

Was it painful?

Was it maybe even traumatizing?

Whenever we feel lonely and alone, we miss our ex-partner.

But just because we missed this person doesn’t mean that this person is or was good for us.

Sometimes the breakup, no matter how painful, is the best thing that could possibly happen.

You know the saying…

Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

This is very much true for you and your ex-partner.

The lonely side of you might want her to contact you again, but when you are really honest to yourself you are better off without her.


5. Why do you want your ex to contact you?

I already addressed this question a little bit in the previous point, but I want to ask you again…

Why do you want your ex to contact you?

Is it because you feel lonely?

Is it because you are sick and tired of being alone?

Is it because you miss having somebody in your life?

Is it because you miss having somebody to talk to and somebody to cuddle with before you fall asleep?

I created this website because I want to help men like you to live phenomenal dating lives.

I want you to be able to attract the most beautiful women in this world. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be writing these articles for you.

And I know that even though you might not see it right now, you have so much potential.

You have to power to attract beautiful women who are prettier and who are more compatible with you than your ex-girlfriend.

I just want to let you know that being lonely and missing the experience of a relationship are not good reasons to want your ex-girlfriend to contact you again.

There are so many other women out there who want you and who are better for you.

But in order for you to take the necessary action steps to attract these women, you finally have to let go of your ex.

And one major aspect of letting go of your ex is to no longer want her to contact you.


6. Waiting for your ex to contact you is a terrible strategy

Will my ex ever contact me again?

I already told you under which circumstances it is very likely that she will contact you again and under which circumstances it is very unlikely that she will contact you again.

And even though I risk you being angry at me for saying this, I think that you will be way happier in the long term if you let go of your ex.

I refuse to lie to you.

I won’t tell you that getting your ex back is the best idea ever…

…just like so many other dating coaches who want to push their “get your ex back” programs will tell you.

They don’t have your best interest in mind. I, however, want to help you.

And I know from my own experience and from coaching a lot of men that moving on and focusing on a woman who is better for you is often the better choice and then to hope that your ex-girlfriend will contact you.