Why Do I Lose Interest After Sleeping With a Girl

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Have you ever asked yourself the following question:

Why do I lose interest after sleeping with a girl?

There are many reasons why this could be the case.

But no matter which of the following reasons it is for you…I want you to know something very important.

There’s nothing wrong with you.

You don’t have to feel guilty for feeling this way. Accept your emotions.

It’s totally okay to feel them. You are not flawed.

And even if trauma from the past or a specific fear is holding you back from seeing this woman again…it’s okay.

Don’t blame yourself for the way you feel.

Instead, have a look at the following reasons why you might have lost interest in the woman you slept with and in case it’s necessary, work on yourself.

There are also instances when losing interest in a woman is the most natural thing in the world, even if you have already slept with her…


Why do I lose interest after sleeping with a girl? Something is missing

“I don’t know, something is missing.”

If that’s the first answer you can come up with, then it might just be the truth. And that’s okay.

That’s the beauty of attracting women.

Sometimes you have an intense connection. Sometimes you don’t.

A lot of men falsely believe that sensual attraction is only based on the physical beauty of a woman.

But that’s not the case. It’s about so much more.

I’ve had encounters with women who were not my type at all but something was drawing me to them.

Discover how a nerdy baby-faced guy with a 30 centimeter scar makes the hottest girls chase HIM!!

Then there were times when I met a girl who some guys would describe as a perfect 10 and I didn’t feel anything.

You can’t always explain this feeling. All I know is that it’s okay to move on when something is missing.


You are not compatible in bed

Why do I lose interest after sleeping with a girl?

Maybe you are just not compatible.

Compatibility in bed is more important than a lot of men think.

It’s always assumed that women don’t have to do anything to be great in bed.

But what if you are completely incompatible?

You want to try role plays that she doesn’t like at all.

And she has fantasies that you don’t want to live out.

Or maybe she is a very dominant woman in bed and you are more into submissive girls.

Then you are not compatible.

If you don’t like the same things in bed, it’s only natural that you don’t enjoy being intimate with her.

In this case, it might be better for both of you to move on and to find partners with who you are compatible.


You are not ready for a relationship

What if you slept with this girl and she made it very clear that she wants a relationship?

Maybe she said one of the following things right afterward:

“What are we now?”

“Where do you see this going?”

“Do you love me?”

The last sentence is absolutely brutal because you don’t want to see her again. You need to be honest with her.

Try to not hurt her.

That’s the most important thing. It’s okay that you don’t want to see her after sleeping with her. But it’s not okay to hurt her feelings because you are too careless.

Let her know why you are not ready for a relationship. And also let her know that she is an amazing woman.

Don’t ever make a girl feel bad for liking you.


She hurt your feelings in some way

Why do I lose interest after sleeping with a girl?

Maybe she hurt your feeling. I don’t say that she did it on purpose.

I’m pretty sure she didn’t. Of course, there are exceptions.

I mean, if a woman looks at you and calls your little friend in your pants ugly…well…then she did it on purpose.

Of course, I mean your big friend in your pants. My bad.

If a woman insults you or your manhood on purpose, you have every right to walk away from her.

This is toxic behavior and it’s not something you should tolerate in your life.

But what if she didn’t do it on purpose?

Some girls are way worse at teasing than any man could possibly be.

Let’s say she tries to tease you about something. Maybe about your skills in bed.

She thinks it’s funny and she also expects you to consider it funny.

What she doesn’t know is that she hurt your feelings.

And because you are too proud to admit that your feelings are hurt, you play it down and pretend to laugh.

Now you are communicating in two different ways.

Because of your positive reaction, she believes that she successfully tested you and that you like it.

But she hurt your feelings.

Now it’s your job to communicate in an honest and authentic way that she hurt you and why she hurt you.

You never know. Maybe you want to see her again once you talked about it.


You are in the middle of “the next girl” trap

What’s the next girl trap?

I’m glad you ask. Or maybe you didn’t ask. I’ll explain it anyway because it’s important that you know about it if you are asking yourself…

Why do I lose interest after sleeping with a girl?

The answer might be:

You are always looking for the next girl while ignoring that the one you just slept with might be an amazing human being.

Another expression for this trap is shiny object syndrome.

You are always looking at the next shiny object without realizing that the one you already have shines the brightest.

I get it. You want to approach women.

You want to date women. You want to experience adventures.

That’s great!

You should do all these things. Just be careful that you don’t immediately jump to the next girl.

First, ask yourself if the woman you are with is worth missing out on a new experience.

Maybe she is. Maybe she isn’t.

Only you know the answer but unless you ask yourself, you’ll just move on without ever considering this possibility.


Your trauma doesn’t allow you to emotionally connect with a woman

Why do I lose interest after sleeping with a woman?

Maybe your trauma is holding you back from having a relationship with her. Or from at least trying it.

Let’s say you have abandonment issues because your parents abandoned you when you were a child.

This can have a profound impact on your dating life as an adult.

What if you know that you carry around trauma that you haven’t worked on?

Then it’s time to face your demons.

Otherwise, they will always sabotage your attempt to have a fulfilling relationship.


Casual hookups don’t excite you anymore

As men, we go through different phases in our life. It’s not true for all men but definitely for most men I know.

There is a phase where we want to jump on every woman we see.

And then there’s a phase where we desire a committed relationship.

Maybe you’ve reached a point in your life where casually hooking up with a woman no longer excites you.

Why do I lose interest after sleeping with a girl?

Because you don’t just want to sleep with a woman anymore. You want more. And that’s totally okay.

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