What Do Girls Find Attractive in Guys 

Discover how a nerdy baby-faced guy with a 30 centimeter scar makes the hottest girls chase HIM!!

Have you ever asked yourself:

What do girls find attractive in guys?

The answer:

It’s not what most men think. Unfortunately, a lot of men have a completely wrong idea about what women are actually attracted to.

If you would ask any random guy on the street what he thinks women want in a man, he would say something like this:

“Looks and money. That’s all that matters.”

Let me tell you something:

I’ve never had a lot of money and I’m also not a particularly attractive guy. I’m average.

And that’s okay. It’s okay because women value other things way more.

Yes, I said it and I really mean it…


What do girls find attractive in guys? It’s not all about looks

Of course, if you look like Henry Cavill, you will have an obvious advantage in the first couple of seconds. I don’t want to deny that.

But after the first impression, your skills, your abilities, and your personality is way more attractive to women than the way you look.

If you want to know how to be more attractive to women, you have to understand that women don’t choose men in the same way that men choose women.

As men we look at a beautiful woman and her looks are what attracts us.

Women don’t follow the same mate selection strategy, especially not when they are looking for a long-term relationship.

The mistake that so many guys make is that they think that women are as focused on looks than men are.

But that’s simply not true.

What do women find attractive in men?

Discover how a nerdy baby-faced guy with a 30 centimeter scar makes the hottest girls chase HIM!!

The whole package!

You have the privilege and the incredible opportunity that you don’t have to rely on your looks.

You are not a victim of your DNA. So stop making excuses and start taking action.

You are here because you want to know what girls find attractive in guys. And I’m here to share the truth with you.

And the truth is that the following aspects are way more important than the way you look…


Your confidence is attractive

It’s the old chicken and the egg question.

What was first…the chicken or the egg?

In the same way I could ask you: Are handsome men more successful with women because of the way they look or because their good looks give them confidence?

I can speak from my own experience. I had zero success with women when I had no confidence. And besides a few more wrinkles my looks didn’t change over the years.

What changed was my confidence.

And once I gained the necessary confidence to not only survive in the dating market but to thrive in it, my results with women changed. Again, the way I look didn’t change.

What do girls find attractive in guys?

They want a man who has the confidence to approach them, to talk to them and to lead them through the process of getting to know each other.

Once you have gained this level of confidence, it doesn’t matter if your nose is one centimeter shorter or longer than the average nose.


Your ability to lead is attractive

You are a leader. Or at least I hope you are. You should be a leader…at least if you want to have success with women.

Why do women admire celebrities? They lead the crowd!

Why do women admire successful entrepreneurs? They lead their employees!

Girls are naturally attracted to men who are willing and able to lead. That’s why you usually won’t see a woman approach a man.

You are the man. You make the first move. And you also make the next move. These are the rules.

And you won’t be able to make the next move if you don’t know how to lead her at any stage of the dating process.

She expects you to know what you are doing.

To answer the question:

What do girls find attractive in guys?

The understanding that mother nature has designed women in a way that makes them appreciate men who possess leadership skills.


Your communication skills are attractive

Your communication skills can make or break your success with women.

In fact, a lack of communication skills can turn a promising interaction into a complete disaster.

The more intelligent and educated the woman you are dating is, the more important are your communication skills.

Unless you know how to listen, respond and form sentences that make sense – which is not always easy when you are sitting across a woman who is taking your breath away – you will fail.

Oh, and listening is not just about listening to her words. It’s also about listening to her body language. Sometimes a woman’s body speaks louder than her words.


Your love for life is attractive

Love your life!

This is one of the most attractive qualities a man can have. If you really love your life and you radiate this life-affirming energy…then women will be attracted to you.

What do girls find attractive in guys?

When a man loves his life and lives his life to the fullest. If you do what you want and you love what you do…well…then you are winning in every aspect.

You are winning at life. And you are winning with the ladies.

That’s why lifestyle design is so important. Work on yourself and on improving every aspect of your life.

Women won’t be able to resist your energy.

There’s nothing more attractive to a woman than a man who loves his life.


Your dominance in social situations is attractive

And if the man who loves his life is also able to dominate social situations, every woman will be naturally drawn to him.

Are you this kind of man?

Then you already know how to attract women without talking. Because being dominant in social situations doesn’t mean to talk faster or louder than the others.

It means to know what to say, to know when to say it and to know when to use your body to communicate.

Not many men have this power. But if you have it, women will be attracted to you.


Your empathy is attractive

I’m pretty sure that the next answer to the following question will surprise you:

What do girls find attractive in guys?


Believe it or not, but empathy is an extremely attractive trait. Empathy allows you to put yourself in her shoes.

Now you know how she feels. You understand why she wants certain things and why she doesn’t want other things.

This allows you to always act and react in the perfect way, no matter in which situation you are. And this makes you truly attractive.

Discover how a nerdy baby-faced guy with a 30 centimeter scar makes the hottest girls chase HIM!!