Tinder Bio for Serious Relationships: 10 Tips

Do you want to create a Tinder bio for serious relationships?

Let me ask you this:

Is it even a good idea to look for a serious relationship on Tinder?

A lot of people would answer this question with no. They would tell you that Tinder is the worst place on earth to find a girlfriend.

I disagree.

And I disagree because my experience tells me that it’s actually quite easy to find a girlfriend on this dating app.

Yes, I know.

It’s not a traditional dating app. It’s more like a hookup app.

But that doesn’t stop you from finding a girlfriend on this app, does it?

The only thing that stops you are your limiting beliefs.

If you know how to create a Tinder bio for serious relationships, you will be able to find your dream girl.

Let’s have a look at what you have to do…


1. A Tinder bio for serious relationships includes the anti-hookup statement

What is the anti-hookup statement?

It’s the one statement that distinguishes you from so many other guys who don’t add the statement to their bio.

I mean, let’s face it.

Most men sign up on this dating app because they want to hook up with beautiful girls.

And there’s nothing wrong with it.

Cuz you were here because you want to learn about how to set up a tinder bio for serious relationships.

That’s why you should communicate in the first couple of sentences of your profile, that you are looking for a serious relationship.

This makes it easier for girls to also looking for a serious relationship to consider whether or not they want the same as you.

Just write:

“I’m only interested in a serious relationship. If you are looking for a hookup, please swipe left.”

By using this line, you confidently communicate that you are the right guy for a relationship.


2. Upload photos that communicate trust

Party photos are good when you’re looking for a quick hookup with a party girl.

They are absolutely terrible when you’re looking for a serious relationship on Tinder.

When you’re looking for a serious relationship, you want to communicate qualities that women appreciate in a boyfriend.

Keep the photos of the party in Cancun on your hard drive.

Instead, upload photos to show you in a suit and hitting the gym.

Your photos should communicate that you are a high achiever who takes care of his body and his health.


3. Don’t be afraid to state what you are looking for in a bio

What exactly are you looking for?

Just come on you want to create a Tinder bio for serious relationships.

But what kind of partner are you looking for?

Maybe you want a relationship with a dominant woman. But maybe you are kind of dominant and you want to relationship with a submissive woman.

Maybe you are a Christian and you want to date a Christian. Or you are very spiritual and into yoga. Then you might want to date a spiritual girl.

Don’t be afraid to let her know what exactly you’re looking for.

This increases your chances to not only find a girlfriend but to find the right girlfriend.


4. Your Tinder bio should focus on your core values

What values are important for you?

Maybe you appreciate a woman who is honest and authentic.

You might even be an altruist who wants to date a woman who has the same value when it comes to giving to charities.

Or maybe you have a certain religious belief that you want your partner to also have.

No matter what your values might be, communicate them in your bio.

What if you don’t know what your values are?

Then I have bad news for you.

If you want to create a Tinder bio for serious relationships, you should be fully aware of your values.

Only then will you be able to attract the right girl.

Always remember that you don’t just want any random girlfriend. You want to attract a woman who is perfectly compatible with you.


5. Show your main hobby for compatibility

Speaking of compatibility…

What’s your biggest hobby?

What’s the one thing you could do every day without getting bored?

This is also something that you want to communicate in your Tinder bio.

No matter if it’s a hobby that most people consider cool, such as football and basketball…

…or if it’s something nerdy like board games.

By being honest about what you like to do, you will find the right woman.

It might take a few swipes more to find her but eventually, you will find your dream girlfriend.


6. Don’t use too many emojis

You should use emojis but you should never abuse them.

Don’t put an emoji behind every sentence.

Please don’t try to do what so many men try to be and write your whole bio in emojis.

That’s something you can do when you are just looking for a hookup.

But it’s not enough when you are looking for a serious relationship.


7. Create a profile that represents who you truly are

Who are you?

No, I didn’t ask you who the fake persona is that you want to be.

Show the girls you can meet on Tinder who you really are.

If you are looking for a serious relationship, it makes absolutely no sense to fake it. Eventually, she’ll discover who you truly are.

It’s so much easier to be authentic from the beginning.


8. Clearly communicate deal breakers

Don’t be afraid to mention deal breakers in your Tinder bio.

Let the women who will potentially swipe right on you know what you are not looking for.

Let’s use the example of you not wanting to have children.

If that’s the case, write that you don’t want to have children in your bio or even mention the word childfree.

By doing that you might repulse a lot of women who want to start a family but the ones who are also childfree will be drawn to you.

It all comes back to the idea that you really communicate what you want and what you don’t want in a partner and in a relationship.

That’s how you create the perfect Tinder bio for serious relationships.


9. Only swipe right on girls you consider girlfriend material

I want to end this article by giving you two tips that you can use once you’ve created your profile.

The first tip I want to share with you is that you should only swipe right on girls you consider girlfriend material.

It’s completely natural that you swipe right on every girl you are attracted to when you’re looking for hookups.

Then her values and personality are not that important.

But when it comes to finding a girl for a serious relationship, her values and personality are very important.

That’s why I would only say yes to women who are girlfriend material.


10. Dive in deep and skip the small talk

Small talk is boring.

That doesn’t stop most men on Tinder from bombarding women with boring messages that are filled with small talk.

Be different and you will have it a lot easier to attract your future girlfriend once you write her.

The more real and authentic your conversation is flowing, the faster she’ll want to be your girlfriend.