9 Long-Distance Relationship Breakup Signs

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What are the long-distance relationship breakup signs that you need to look out for?

I assume that you are in a relationship with a woman who’s far away from you.

At least she’s physically far away from you.

She might be close to you in your heart.

She might also be on your mind 24/7.

But she’s either in a different city, in a different state or maybe even in a different country.

You are in a long distance-relationship and at the moment things are not going that well.

You are struggling.

Things have been better in the past.

But now you don’t even know if your relationship has a future.

You are not sure if you can maintain this relationship and if she wants it in the same way as you want it.

You want her so bad and you want to make this relationship work but because you don’t know if she sees it the same way, you are reading this article.

Why else would you be reading an article about the long-distance relationship breakup signs?

You are here for a reason I want to show you if your fears are justified or just voices in your head.


1. These long-distance relationship breakup signs are just signs

With all the signs I share with you in this article please keep in mind that these are just signs.

It’s not 100% guaranteed that she’s no longer interested in you.

It’s not for sure that she has lost her desire for you.

That’s still a chance that she’s totally into you or that at least she’s considering a future with you.

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Please don’t believe that every sign I share with you here means that it’s already over.

These are signs and signs can guide you in a direction but they don’t give you 100% guarantee.

Have a look at the long-distance relationship breakup signs that I share with you here and then communicate with her.

That’s the only way how you can find out if she actually wants this future with you or not.


2. She doesn’t text you first anymore

What if she doesn’t text you anymore?

Or maybe she still replies to your messages but she’s not the one who’s initiating the texting conversation.

Then you have to be careful.

At least if she used to initiate the text conversation and now she no longer does it.

I mean, if you’ve always been the one who’s initiated in the conversation and nothing has changed, then there’s no reason to worry.

Even though I have to admit that this in itself is not a good sign.

What if she used to text you every morning but now you no longer receive these morning messages?

This might be a sign that your long-distance relationship will soon be over.

She has probably lost interest in you because a woman who truly cares about you will text you first if you don’t do it.


3. Calls are getting shorter and shorter

What are the long-distance relationship breakup signs are worth mentioning?

Well, think back to the time when you started dating.

In the first couple of weeks of your long-distance relationship, you were talking for at least one hour every day.

Yes, I get it.

Sometimes she has to work or you are busy with work and you can only talk for 20 minutes or 30 minutes.

What if this call that once used to last for about an hour is now only lasting for about 10 minutes?

Then you have a problem.

And your problem is even bigger if she’s the one who always ends the call after 5 or 10 minutes.

A woman who sees the future with you wants to talk to you longer than 5 or 10 minutes.


4. She’s trading girls’ nights out for time with you

This is dangerous.

This is one of the long-distance relationship breakup signs that are the hardest to digest.

Let me tell you something about girls’ nights out that most men don’t know or don’t want to know.

Her female friends can be your biggest enemies.

There’s something about the friendship between women that’s really weird.

That’s when one of her female friends is frustrated with being single she tries to convince your girlfriend that it’s so much better to be single.

You have been warned.


5. Her goals for the future are not compatible with yours

Maybe she wants to live in a completely different country.

Maybe you want to live in a van and explore the world while she wants to have a house and two children.

No matter how much you love her, this means that your goals are not compatible.

What if she communicates to you more than once that your goals are not compatible?

This is one of the most obvious long-distance relationship breakup signs that there is.

In this case, you should listen to her very carefully.

She might be right.

Even if you don’t want her to be right, she might be right and it’s best for both of you to go separate ways.


6. She declines your calls because, well…

What if you call her and she declines your call?

Well, she might be at work.

What if she declines your call at 8:00 p.m. or 9:00 p.m. or 10:00 p.m.?

I hate to say it but she might be busy with another man.

In this case, I would definitely ask her why she’s declining your call.

It’s hard to trust in a relationship but it’s even harder to trust in a long-distance relationship.

You want to be sure that your girlfriend is not in a relationship in her City while you were waiting for her.


7. She doesn’t make an effort to connect with you emotionally

What are you talking about when you’re having a call with her?

Or maybe I should rephrase that question.

Did you use to talk about different things than you talk about now?

Maybe you’re no longer connecting emotionally.

Maybe your conversations are now only consisting of small talk.

Maybe she’s just not that into you anymore.

Boring and repetitive conversations can be one of the long-distance relationship breakup signs that you should be looking out for.


8. She comes up with excuses to not talk so regularly

Do you remember the time when she wanted to talk to you every minute of the day?

Now you have the feeling that she no longer initiates the conversation.

You even get the feeling that she is no longer excited when you’re talking to her.

Even though you used to talk every day, you are now talking every other day.

And you can’t get rid of the feeling that every other day will soon turn into every other week.

This is one of the most painful long-distance relationship breakup signs because it shows you steadily how much less she cares about you.


9. She prolongs the next physical meeting

Did you want to meet on Christmas?

She tells you that she can’t make it because of her family.

Did you want to visit her on your birthday?

She comes up with another excuse why you can’t see her on her birthday.

This is the most obvious long-distance relationship breakup sign that there is.

A woman who wants to be with you, a woman who loves you, will do everything to meet you in person.

But if she prolongs the next physical meeting without any good reason and you get the feeling that she doesn’t want to meet you anymore…

…then your relationship is doomed.

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