How to Tease Your Girlfriend Physically

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You want to know how to tease your girlfriend physically.

That’s awesome because it means that you want to work on your relationship. Heck, it means that you want to make her feel good.

You are already in the top 1% of all boyfriend’s out there because guess what? A lot of men don’t make an effort as soon as they are in a relationship.

You are different. And that’s great. Now you just have to take a walk down memory lane and you’ll know how to tease you girlfriend physically…


Learn how to tease your girlfriend physically by going down memory lane

Let me ask you something:

How did you act around your girlfriend when she wasn’t your girlfriend yet?

I’m sure you tried every trick in the book to win her over.

You held her hand on the first date. You touched her at the end of the first date. You allowed your body to communicate your desire.

You wanted to feel her body more than you wanted to live.

What about now?

Are you still doing the things that you did when you wanted to win her over? Or did you get lazy? Come on. Be honest.

I won’t judge you.

It’s perfectly normal that you get a bit lazy once she is yours and especially when the “you know what” is guaranteed.

But just because it’s normal doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea. Let others be normal. You can be better than normal.

You can be even more seductive and more romantic that you’ve been on the first three dates with her…


Hug her from behind and kiss her neck

This is the ultimate power move.

There’s no better way of communicating your desire than to hug a girl from behind and kiss her neck.

Discover how a nerdy baby-faced guy with a 30 centimeter scar makes the hottest girls chase HIM!!

If you do this with your girlfriend, she will be into it. It’s the perfect way to tease her physically.

And the best thing about this technique is that you can do it whenever you want.

Just hug her from behind and kiss her neck when…

She’s washing the dishes. She’s standing around. She’s working on her laptop. She’s getting ready in the morning. She’s preparing for bed in the evening.

These are all perfect opportunities to hug her from behind and kiss her neck.


Play with her hand

A woman’s hands can be the path to her heart.

Yeah I know, this sounded a bit cheesy. But if you want to know how to tease your girlfriend physically, you shouldn’t ignore her hands.

Never underestimate the impact of walking hand in hand. And if you then also play with her fingers and gently touch her skin while you are holding her hands…

Then you are winning big time.

And I want you to win. That’s why I invite you to hold your girlfriend’s hand whenever you are walking somewhere or even when you are in a restaurant.

Play with her hands.

If she loves you, she’ll love you. And I truly hope for you that your girlfriend loves you. In case she doesn’t, trying to figure out how to tease your girlfriend physically is the smallest problem you have.


Stand so close that you are touching her

Always stand close to her.

And again, if she’s into you and if she’s attracted to you, she will enjoy it. The closet you get, the better.

You can lean on each other. You can brush your arm against her arm. You can allow your leg to touch her leg under the table.

Learning how to tease your girlfriend physically is also about understanding the importance of touch and physical intimacy.

These aspects are absolutely vital for a relationship.


Give her a high five whenever she makes you laugh

I love giving high fives.

And I love it even more when a beautiful woman smiles at me after I gave her a high five.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy the cute look on your girlfriend’s face the next time you give her a high five.

When do you do that?

Whenever she says something funny or smart. Use high fives as a playful reward. Tease her for being perfect girlfriend material.

She’ll love the feeling of reward as much as she’ll love feeling your hand touching and embracing hers.


Lift her up when she says something mean

This is especially effective if the woman you are dating is submissive. Women who are more dominant don’t like to get teased in this way. But a submissive woman…

Now we’re talking.

She’ll love it when you lift her up and show her how strong you are. Of course, you do it in a playful way.

You don’t want to look at her with a serious facial expression and lift her up.

You want to smile at her and say “time out little princess” when she’s behaving in a bratty or mean way.


Give her the cheek kissing thunder

What on earth is the cheek kissing thunder?

I’m glad you ask.

This is the ultimate “I love you and I tease you” technique that is cute and annoying at the same time.

All you have to do is to approach your girlfriend, stand in front of her, and start kissing her cheek.

And just like thunder, you just can’t stop.

You kiss her left cheek. Then her right cheek. And then you start again by kissing her left cheek.

And by the way…I’m talking about the cheeks in her face, not…well…you know.


Hug her and kiss her forehead

This is another simple move that every man who wants to know how to physically tease your girlfriend.

A kiss on the forehead communicates so many things. It communicates trust, love, affection, and attention.

Oh, and did I mention it that you can use it to tease her if you combine it with a cheeky smile?

It can be so easy.


Slap her cute butt in the most loving way possible

And it can be so naughty.

Let’s turn up the heat a little bit. I’m sure you’re totally into your girlfriend’s behind.

She got junk in the trunk and it’s your job to make it jiggle.

Of course, you don’t want to be too rough…unless she likes it.

But a soft slap on the butt with a cheeky smile can go a long way.

She might be surprised in case you’ve never done that.

But there’s a high chance that she’ll be attracted to your confident move.


Make her feel good by giving her a passionate kiss

Another way to physically tease your girlfriend is by giving her a kiss.

And now you might be saying:

A kiss? That’s all?

Well, yes and no. Most couples who are together for a couple of years no longer kiss each other as they used to in the honeymoon stage.

They give each other innocent and passionless kisses.

In case you want to learn how to physically tease your girlfriend, you should trade this kind of kisses for passionate kisses.

If you show her that you desire her, that you love her, and that you are passionate, she’ll do everything to make you happy.

Discover how a nerdy baby-faced guy with a 30 centimeter scar makes the hottest girls chase HIM!!