How to Start a Texting Conversation With a Girl

It finally happened.

She gave you her number and honestly, you still can’t believe it.

It feels so great to know that you are desirable and that a beautiful woman like her wants to meet you and wants to be with you.

And you should be proud of yourself. I mean, you have all right to be proud. You accomplished something that most men are not able to pull off.

You got her number.

The question is: Do you also know how to start a texting conversation with a girl?

How to Start a Texting Conversation With a Girl

I’m asking you this question because, well, it’s really important to know what to text and how to make her smile with your first message.

Let’s be honest…

Most men have absolutely no idea how to turn a woman on through text, let alone how to start a conversation via text. But I promise you, and I really mean this.

After reading this article, you will not only know on a theoretical level how to text a girl. You’ll also be able to take your smartphone and make her heart beat faster.

You just have to follow a few simple steps…

how to start a texting conversation with a girl

You need the right mindset to learn how to start a texting conversation with a girl

Mindset is key when it comes to succeeding with women. And the same principle applies to having a successful texting conversation with a girl.

You need to be in the right mindset and the right mindset is…playfulness.

I know, I know. It doesn’t sound fancy and it also doesn’t sound like a crazy attraction technique. But it’s important that you understand how women see texting.

They don’t want a logical left-brained conversation with a boring guy. They want to have an exciting conversation with a man who makes them feel good.

It’s all about creating emotions that make you irresistible to women. And yes, you can do that with your smartphone.

There’s a popular song called “girls just want to have fun” and that’s exactly the mindset you should have when you are starting a texting conversation with a woman.

It’s all about fun and entertainment.

But don’t worry. I don’t want you to turn into the dancing monkey who she doesn’t respect. I want you to ask yourself what YOU consider funny. Then text her what YOU think is funny. Not what she considers funny.

Women are and will always be attracted to men who are confident enough to say what they think. And yes, that includes saying what you consider funny.

So don’t look at this texting conversation as a serious exchange of words that hopefully leads to a date.

Instead, think about it as a fun way of getting to know her and convincing her with your humor that going out with you is the best decision she could possibly make.

Say no to boring first messages

Now you might be asking yourself: How can I show her that I’m a funny guy she wants to go on a date with?

The answer: Don’t do what most guys do. You are here because you want to learn how to start a texting conversation with a girl.

This means that you want to improve. And one part of improving your text game is to delete the sentences “hey, how are you?” and “hey, what’s up?” out of your vocabulary.

Don’t even think about writing her that. If you write a boring first message, she’ll assume that you are a boring man.

Always remember that texting doesn’t offer you the same freedom as a video call or an audio call. That’s why a man who learns how to start a texting conversation with a girl can never be boring.

You can’t play with your tonality, you can’t use your voice to make her attracted to you. All you can do is send written text and a few images.

I mean yeah, you can send short voice messages, but it’s still different than a live interaction over the phone, Zoom, or Skype.

So instead of sending a boring message, you…

Think about her when you send the first message

You want to attract her. You don’t want to attract yourself.

It’s good to keep that in mind because your first message should make her heart beat faster. It doesn’t really matter if you are into it. She’s the one who should like it. It’s like choosing a cologne. It doesn’t really matter if you like it or not. The only thing that matters is that the woman you want to attract thinks that you smell irresistible.

That’s why I invite you to ask yourself…

Who is she? What are her interests? What are her biggest passions? What are her goals? What are her dreams? What would this woman most likely want to do on a first date with you?

Once you find an answer to these questions, you have what it takes to write the first message. If she’s for example a travel addict and you ask her in your first message about her next travel destination, she will reply.

Only ask questions that cause an emotional reaction

Speaking of asking her questions…

Most men love to ask women questions. In fact, they ask one question after another until she runs far away and never texts them back.

What do you like to do? What do you study? How long are you studying this for? What are you working on? What is…blah blah blah. It’s just not relevant.

I mean, it is relevant for the logical male brain. But it’s not relevant for the emotional female mind.

Remember what I mentioned earlier. Your job is to talk to her emotions. Emotions…that’s what learning how to start a texting conversation with a girl is all about.

Your job is not to talk to her logical mind.

If you want to ask her questions, make sure that you ask her deep questions. That’s how to start a texting conversation with a woman.

You can ask her about her biggest passions, about her best memories, about her goals, and her dreams. These are the topics that make her eyes wet and her heart melt.

The more positive emotions your question triggers in her, the easier it will be for you to connect with her on an emotional level. And connecting with a woman on an emotional level is the number one thing you must do if you want to motivate her to go out with you.

But of course. You don’t want to spend hours or even days texting back and forth. You are here because you want to know how to START a texting conversation with a girl.

Nobody says that you have to continue texting forever. In fact, that’s one of the biggest mistakes a lot of men tend to make.

I want you to think about a different strategy…

Transition to voice and video calls

Instead of spending five hours a day texting a girl, you might want to say “hell yeah!” to a more efficient approach.

I mean, let’s face it. You could spend these five hours building your business, hitting the gym, and going on dates. That’s why it’s important to find a way to increase the connection after you have learned how to start a texting conversation with a girl.

Now that you’ve started the texting conversation with the girl of your dreams, it’s time to transition to a video call or a voice call. I usually do this after texting back and forth 3 or 4 times.

It saves a lot of time and during your call, you can then attract her with your voice, your detailed stories, and your smile that she can hear through the phone line or see during your video call.

Now you know how to start a texting conversation with a girl and how to take things further. Enjoy your next texting adventure.