How to Make a Girl Fall for You Over Text (9 Tips)

You want to learn how to make a girl fall for you over text.

This means that you’ve already approached a woman either during the daytime or in the club…

…or maybe you have met her online.

And now you want her to fall for you.

You want her to fall in love with you because you really like this woman.

Unfortunately, you are not sure how you can do it with a few simple text messages.

That’s why I decided to create this article for you.

You deserve to know how to make a girl fall for you over text.

It’s easy.

You just have to follow a few simple steps


1. How to make a girl fall for you over text by communicating your value

Making a woman fall in love with you via text is all about communicating value.

Women fall in love with high-value men.

On the other hand, women put low-value men into the Friend Zone.

That’s why it’s important if you want to make her fall for you via text, that you communicate your value as a man.

Does that mean that you have to send her pictures of your money and your car?

Not at all.

It means that you communicate with your messages that you value yourself, you value your time, and you value her as a human being.

That’s the main principle that will help you to learn how to make a girl fall for you over text.

It’s all about your value and your perceived value in her eyes.

Are you ready for this challenge?

Then let’s get started With a few basic principles.


2. Write short messages because you value her time

Long text messages are the enemy of attraction.

What happens when you write messages that are too long?

If you sent her text messages with multiple paragraphs she will get the feeling that you are needy and that you don’t have a life.

Do you think women fall in love with needy men?

Of course not!

Women fall in love with men who are confident and who are able to communicate their confidence.

One of the best and easiest ways to communicate your confidence is by writing shorter messages.


3. Write her only when you are free because you value your time

Women are attracted to men who are ambitious.

They want a guy who wants to achieve something in life.

Let me ask you a very uncomfortable question:

Is it possible to achieve something in life when you text her every five minutes?

Of course not!

And she knows it.

That’s why texting a woman all the time is so unattractive.

In fact, this behavior makes it almost impossible for her to fall in love with you.

If you want to learn how to make a girl fall for you over text, you should only send her a message when you are available and when you have time.

Everything else communicates neediness and lack of ambition.

No matter how often a woman tells you that she wants to be your number one priority…

… The moment you make her your number one priority and you ignore your career or your education for her, will be the moment when she loses interest.

Always remember that.


4. Send her pictures that make you more interesting

What pictures can you send her that make you more interesting?

You could for example sent her pictures that show you traveling the world.

Or you can send a picture that shows you at the gym.

You can of course also sent her a picture that shows you working on your business and turning your dreams into reality.

All these types of pictures are great to make a girl fall in love with you over text because they communicate that you are a high-value man.


5. Text her right before she goes to bed

That’s the time when she’s the most valuable.

And that’s also the time when she wants to have the feeling that you’re close to her.

She’s snuggled up in bed and ready to fall asleep.

And right before she closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep, she receives one last text message from you.

In this text message, you simply wish her a good night and sweet dreams.

That’s all you do.

She will think of you while she’s drifting off to sleep and she will think of you again when she wakes up in the morning.


6. Reveal your emotions in a confident text

How can you renew your emotions in the text message?

And how can you do it in a confident way?

The answer:

Don’t be overly romantic and simply tell her in a short message how you feel about her.

Sharing your emotions with a woman is not a weakness…

…unless you do it in a weak way.

I mean, if you tell her that she completes you and that you can live without her, then you are the definition of neediness.

But what if you simply let her know how you feel about her in a confident way?

That’s attractive and it can help you to make her fall in love with you faster.


7. Send her scenes from romantic movies

That’s another great way how to make a girl fall for you over text.

Just find a very romantic movie scene on YouTube and send her the clip.

Movies such as The Notebook or Titanic are perfect for that.

Just sent her a romantic movie scene every now and then and she will fall for you fast because whenever she watches this scene she will think of you.


8. Send her voice messages in your most seductive voice

The more seductive your voice, the more success you will have with this technique.

You can practice your seductive voice by simply recording your voice and then listening to it.

This can help you to fine-tune your voice and to make her fall for you faster.

Of course, it also matters what you send her in a voice message.

You can just talk about the news or politics and then expect her to fall for you.

But if you tell her how much you like her with a seductive voice message, she’ll be yours.


9. Invite her to fun adventures over text

You can also use your text messages to invite her on adventurous dates.

That’s how to make a girl fall for you over text by combining the power of your smartphone with your creativity.

Text her whenever you have an idea for a fun adventure that you could experience together.

She will like you when she reads these text messages and when you then take her on this adventure, she will fall in love with you.