How to Get Women to Chase You (8 Secrets)

You are here because you want to learn how to get women to chase you.

First, let me tell you one thing:

I’m proud of you.

I’m proud of you for trying to improve yourself.

I’m proud of you for wanting to learn how to get the women you truly want.

But getting a woman and making a woman chase you are two entirely different skill sets.

It’s easier to get a woman than to make her chase you.

If you want to make a woman chase you, you have to become such a high-value man that she can’t resist you.

Women don’t chase losers.

Women don’t chase unambitious men who have nothing going on in their life.

Women run after successful men who have certain qualities and characteristics that the majority of men don’t have.

The easiest way to make a woman chase you was to become a man who is worthy of getting chased.

In this article, I want to share the characteristics and qualities that you need to have if you want to become this man.


1. Learning how to get women to chase you requires an abundance mindset

Do you have an abundance mindset or are you vibrating on the frequency of lack?

A man who vibrates at the frequency of abundance knows that there is an abundance of beautiful women out there for him.

That’s the kind of guy you want to be.

As a man, you have to know that there are so many beautiful women out there and that there is no lack.

As soon as you succumb to the mindset of lack you are screwed when it comes to attracting beautiful women.

If you want to learn how to get women to chase you, you need to trade your lack mindset for an abundance mindset.

Women can feel it.

The more abundance with women you have in your life the more women will chase you.

It’s really that simple.

That’s why you can congratulate yourself on reading articles on this website.

You are willing to take action and to learn how to make women chase you.

In the process, you will develop the necessary abundance mindset that will then help you to get women to chase you even more.


2. Women chase men who could pick up their friends

Have you ever heard the following saying:

Women want men who could cheat but who don’t cheat.

They want a man who could pick up their friends but of course, he doesn’t do it.

What do I mean by that?

I mean that you interact with women in a way that they can sense that you have the skills to approach and attract other women.

When she says that she will know immediately that she has to chase you because you have options.

A man with options is at the same time dangerous and incredibly attractive to women.

He is dangerous because like I just mentioned this man could cheat.

But he’s so attractive because women are biologically hardwired to chase men who are pre-selected by other women.


3. She will chase you if you are indifferent to the outcome

What does it mean to be indifferent to the outcome?

It means that no matter how to reacts to your opener and no matter how she reacts to you when you share your opinion with her…

…you are still the same man.

Your mood doesn’t change just because her reaction to you changes.

You love yourself so much and you respect yourself so much that you are indifferent to her reaction.

Now you are the kind of man that women chase.


4. Women chase men who chase professional success

What are you doing to become successful?

Are you working on something that fulfills you?

Are you improving yourself?

Women chase men who chase success in their life.

There’s nothing more attractive for a woman than a man who prioritizes his success.

A woman might tell you that she wants to be the center of your life but as soon as you make her the center of your life, she’s gone.

That’s the tricky thing with women.

If you do what they tell you that they want you to do…they lose attraction.

The only way how you can make sure that this woman chases you is when you chase success in your life.

Never change your plans for a woman.

Never make her the center of your life.

As soon as you do that, she’s gone.

And even if she will stick around with you and she’s not gone, she will lose interest in you.

And the woman who loses interest in you will definitely not chase you.

Chase success and women will chase you.


5. Your style has the power to make women chase you

Do you think a high-quality woman chases a man who looks like a homeless guy?

Unless this man’s name is Adam Sandler and he’s a famous Hollywood actor, this won’t happen.

You need to dress to impress.

If your style communicates success and ambition women will chase you.


6. Women chase men who make them feel something

Always communicate straight to her emotions.

No man has ever seduced a woman with logic.

The only way how you can make sure that the woman you’re with continues to chase you as when you continue to trigger positive emotions in her.

It’s all about the connection she feels to you.

I mean, think about it.

You also don’t want to spend your time with a woman who makes you feel bad.

You want to spend your time with women who are playful and fun to be around.

The more positive the emotions are that she feels with you, the more likely it is that she will chase you.

Why wouldn’t she chase you?

You make her feel good.


7. Learning how to get women to chase you is easy when you live a certain lifestyle

What kind of lifestyle are you living?

You can’t expect to learn how to get women to chase you if you just stay at home and play video games.

What if you travel the world?

What if you have exciting hobbies?

Now you are the kind of guy that women want to chase.

Remember what I said earlier.

If you trigger positive emotions in her, it’s almost impossible that she will not chase you.

Make her feel good and she wants more of it. It’s really that simple.


8. The way you interact with other women makes her want to chase you

How do you interact with other women when she’s with you?

If you are timid and shy around other women, she won’t chase you.

However, if you are confident and playful with the women you interact with, then you are the kind of guy that she wants to chase.

Now we come full circle.

Learning how to get women to chase you is easy when you show them that you have the power to get other women.