How to Get an Older Woman to Sleep With You (7 Secrets)

You want to know how to get an older woman to sleep with you.

I had no idea that you were into more mature women but more power to you. Do what makes you happy.

This actually brings me directly to a very important life lesson that you have to learn as a man who wants to seduce experienced women.

You won’t succeed unless you stop caring about what other people think of you. Other people don’t live your life and you don’t live their life.

Stay true to yourself and go for the kind of women that you are attracted to, no matter if these women are younger than you or if they are older than you.

I want you to be happy and if learning how to sleep with an older woman makes you happy, then go for what you want.

And in order to go for what you want, you need to be able to embrace your preferences…


1. How to get an older woman to sleep with you by embracing your preferences

I assume that you like older women.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this article.

And that’s okay. There’s nothing bad about being attracted to women who are older than you.

In fact, a lot of younger guys have this fantasy to sleep with an older more experienced woman.

Unfortunately, a lot of younger guys who are attracted to older women try to hide their attraction for them.

They hide their attraction because they are afraid of what other people might think of them and what their friends might say to them.

I want you to embrace your attraction to mature women.

If you are reading this article because you want to learn how to get an older woman to sleep with you, I want you to say the following sentence out loud:

I’m attracted to older women and I want them!

Say it with confidence and say it with pride. You don’t have to hide your desires. Embrace them.


2. Don’t be shy to say hi

Embracing your desire for mature women is the first important step. Now you also have to make a move.

What do most men who are attracted to women who are older than them do?

They do absolutely nothing.

They hide behind their drinks. They don’t even take the chance when it’s right in front of them.

Remember that you miss 100-percent of the shots you don’t take. This is true for approaching younger women and for approaching older women.

The only difference between approaching younger women and approaching older women is that approaching younger women is more socially accepted.

That’s why a lot of men who are attracted to older women don’t make a move even though they want to…

…and even though the woman they look at once them to make the move.

What should you do when you see an older woman you are attracted to and she is obviously attracted to you?

Move your butt, walk up to her, and introduce yourself.

The only way to sleep with an older woman is to interact with all the women who then potentially want to sleep with you.

If you don’t shoot your shot you will never succeed because you always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.


3. Don’t even address the age gap

When you interact with a woman who’s older than you, you shouldn’t even address the age gap.

The more natural you are when you have a conversation with her and the less you care about the age gap, the more comfortable she will feel with you.

The moment you get nervous because she’s older than you is the moment when she loses interest.

Don’t allow this to happen.

Instead, be completely comfortable with the age gap and talk to her in the same way as you would talk to a woman who’s your age.

If you do that, she will feel completely at ease with you.

Just don’t act like a weirdo.

Most men, especially younger men were into older women, act weird when the age gap is significant.

They create unnecessary tension, even though talking to a woman who is 20-years-old can be the same experience as talking to a woman who is in her 40.

Always remember that every woman is just a woman, no matter how old she is.


4. Act cool when she addresses the age gap

What if she addresses the age gap?

Then you have to act cool.

Don’t make a big deal out of the age gap.

Like I just said, you shouldn’t be the one who addressed it because that shows that you are insecure about it.

Maybe she addresses it because she has some worries and doubts.

She might be afraid that you no longer want to talk to her and that you’re no longer interested in her when you know her age.

What she doesn’t know is that you read an article about how to get an older woman to sleep with you and that you are attracted to older women.

Now she addresses the age gap.

She might ask you:

Am I not too old for you?

Or she might say:

Don’t you think you’re a bit too young to talk to me?

The worst mistake you can make in the situation is to avoid the energy of worry and doubt.

You want to be the confident man that she wants to have this experience with.

Let her know that you are attracted to her and that you don’t care about the age gap.

Now she knows that you don’t care. And when you don’t care, she won’t care either.


5. Hit the club for the 80s and 90s parties

As a man who wants to know how to get an older woman to sleep with you, you might want to go to 80s and 90s parties.

You can find a lot of beautiful older women at these parties who are just looking for younger guys like you to hook up with.

So if you are cougar hunting then you can do it at the club when there’s a party that focuses on music from the 80s or 90s.

These are the best events for men who want to sleep with older women.


6. Focus on newly divorced women

A secret I want to share with you has to do with newly divorced women.

What’s the first thing a woman wants to experience after her divorce is finalized?

She wants to enjoy her freedom!

She’s been trapped in a loveless and often also sexless marriage for years or maybe even for decades.

Don’t you think that this woman wants to have some fun?

She wants to have more fun than some young men can handle.

So whenever you were talking to an older woman and you ask her she’s single and she then tells you that she’s nearly divorced…well…

You just hit the jackpot!

Newly divorced women are the best friends of men who just learned how to get an older woman to sleep with you.


7.  Reveal your attraction for experienced women

One last tip.

Don’t ever be afraid to reveal your attraction to older women.

Let her know that you are totally attracted to experienced women.

And yes, I would choose the word “experienced” because no woman wants to be called “old”.

Be confident about your desire to experience adventures with more mature women.

Remember what I said at the beginning of this article:

Embrace your preferences.