How to DM a Girl on Instagram (10 Secrets)

Discover how a nerdy baby-faced guy with a 30 centimeter scar makes the hottest girls chase HIM!!

You want to know how to DM a girl on Instagram.

Are you sure that you are ready for this article?

I’m asking you would because I won’t tell you what you want to hear.

I will tell you what you need to hear when it comes to meeting and attracting women on Instagram.

You might want to hear that you can simply send a message to any Instagram model or wannabe celebrity and succeed.

I’m not only here to show you how you can message a girl on Instagram and actually succeed…

I’m also here to give you a much-needed reality check that a lot of men are reluctant to take.

Let’s have a look at what you really have to do to attract a woman on Instagram.


1. How to DM a Girl on Instagram who has more followers than you

She probably has more followers than you otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article.

If you were a celebrity or a very popular influencer with more than 100000 followers you would not ask yourself the following question.

How do I actually message girls on Instagram?

Instagram is a little bit like owning a car.

You either drive a run-down Toyota or you drive a Lamborghini.

It’s all about status.

Every dating codes hotels you that it’s easy to learn how to DM a girl on Instagram is lying to your face.

It’s not easy.

And it gets even harder when you have no social status on Instagram.

I mean, if you have thousands of followers and you are a popular influencer…

Discover how a nerdy baby-faced guy with a 30 centimeter scar makes the hottest girls chase HIM!!

… then it’s ridiculously easy to get girls to reply to your messages.

But if you don’t have this status you have to do certain things differently.

I’m here to show you what you have to do differently and how it can be done.


2. Optimize your Instagram profile before you DM her

The first thing you need to do is to optimize your Instagram profile.

I know, you can’t write a whole novel but you can at least write a catchy bio.

Are you an entrepreneur?

Write this in your bio. This can already make you more attractive.

Are you an accountant?

Also, write this in your bio. But maybe you want to add that you are an accountant who lost to travel the world and hit the gym.

Make yourself as interesting as possible in one or two sentences.

You don’t need to use a lot of emojis. And you also shouldn’t make something up that’s not true at all.

You want to be honest but you also want to communicate your qualities in a way that makes it more likely for women to respond to you.


3. Optimize your Instagram photos before you DM her

Do you have professional photos on your Instagram profile?

Yes, I mean professional.

If you only upload a few selfies that look as if you made them while you were drunk, you will not succeed.

Remember what I said about the Lamborghini?

You don’t need to have an actual Lamborghini. And no, you also don’t need to stand in front of a sports car that’s not yours.

All you need to do is to communicate an interesting life and a high status with your pictures.

Hire a professional photographer and let him or her take some photos of you in a suit standing in a beautiful environment.

Professional pictures make all the difference on Instagram.


4. Stay away from girls who are Instagram verified

I mean, you can try it.

But if you want to know how to DM a girl on Instagram and the woman you have in mind has 200000 followers and the blue verified checkmark…

…well…good luck.

I know some of these influencers and if you don’t have a verified checkmark they won’t even read your DM because they receive so many.

Of course, you can still try it.

I just wanted to give you this reality check before you send the messages and then you wonder why you don’t receive a reply.

You don’t have to swim in your lane but if you shoot for the stars you will most likely miss.


5. Don’t even think about leaving a comment on one of her pictures

Don’t do it.

If you want to learn how to DM a girl on Instagram, the worst mistake you can make is to leave a comment under her picture.

It’s needy. It’s desperate.

In other words, don’t be a simp.

If you want to succeed on Instagram you have to let go of this simp mindset.

Yes, you want to communicate your interest to her.

But you do not want to communicate to her that you were one of the thousands of guys who desperately leave comments under her pictures.

Be different and you will succeed.


6. Don’t beat around the bush in your Instagram DM

Now it’s time to send her a message.

Do you want to get to know her?

Do you think she’s interesting?

Communicate in a very clear and precise way what you want from her.

Beautiful women on Instagram received so many direct messages that you have to keep it short.

If you write her a long letter in which you express your feelings for her, she won’t even bother reading it.

But if you tell her in a confident way why you like her and that you want to get to know her, then she might reply.


7. Compliment anything but her looks

I know that she has a great body.

But I hope that you are aware that thousands of guys have already told her that in the comments under her photos.

Do you remember what I just said earlier?

Be different and you will succeed.

You can compliment her confidence. You can compliment her energy. Just don’t compliment her looks.

Give her the feeling that you want to get to know her as a human being and not as an object, which is what most people see in her Instagram photos.


8. Try to make your message funny

You can also add humor to your message.

Try to make it a bit funny and at the same time communicate your interest in a non-needy way.

If you combine humor with the confidence to tell her what you like about her without desperately admiring her beauty…

…that’s when you will succeed.


9. Don’t even think about sending multiple messages in a row

As a man who wants to learn how to DM a girl on Instagram, you have to say no to multiple messages.

Don’t even think about it.

Send her one message and if she doesn’t reply then you move on to the next girl.


10. Remember that there’s an abundance of girls on Instagram

Now that you know how to DM a girl on Instagram, I want you to think about your mindset.

So many men are trapped in the scarcity mindset.

They freak out whenever a girl doesn’t message them back, instead of simply moving on.

There’s an abundance of beautiful women on Instagram.

If one doesn’t reply, you can simply send a DM to the next one.

It’s really that easy.

Discover how a nerdy baby-faced guy with a 30 centimeter scar makes the hottest girls chase HIM!!