How to Court a Woman (10 EASY Steps)

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You want to know how to court a woman.

This means that you were one of the few men out there who are ready to make an effort when it comes to attracting a girlfriend.

You don’t just want to experience one one-night stand after another.

You want more.

What you want is a relationship with a woman who desires as you and who is loyal to you.

Am I right?

That’s why you want to learn how to court a woman.

Courting a woman means that you focus an enormous amount of attention on her and on the goal of making her your girlfriend.

This is the opposite of a guy who’s looking for a one-night stand.

You are also not looking for a friends with benefits situation.

You want a woman who is devoted to you.

That’s why it’s time that you become the gentleman that she wants to date.


1. How to court a woman: By being a gentleman

Being a gentleman is the fastest way how you can court a woman.

What does it mean to be a gentleman?

It means to be a leader and to lead her with empathy.

It means that you make her feel good and you also want her to be safe and protected.

That’s what a gentleman does.

If you are an authentic gentleman while you are courting a woman, you will eventually get her.

Discover how a nerdy baby-faced guy with a 30 centimeter scar makes the hottest girls chase HIM!!


2. Believe in yourself and your attractiveness

Learning how to court a woman is also about learning to believe in yourself.

The more you believe in yourself the more attractive you will be for beautiful women.

The more you see yourself as an attractive man, the easier it will be for her to see you as an attractive man.

Confidence is one of the most attractive qualities that a man can have.

Are you confident enough to believe in yourself?

Then you will be able to learn how to court a woman and you will succeed.


3. Impress her with your stories

Storytelling is an important skill for every seducer.

If you want to make her yours, you have to trigger positive emotions in her.

You want to make her feel excited.

And you want to make her feel joyful and you want to create a sense of adventure in her.

You have this power by telling the right story.

Don’t be a boring fart.

Women don’t want to date boring men. They want to date exciting men who live exciting lives.

Become this man and learning how to court a woman will be easy for you.


4. Impress her with your date ideas

Unfortunately, most men try to impress women the completely wrong way.

You don’t want to impress her or let’s better say try to impress her by listing your job title and your possessions.

Instead, you’ve already learned how to impress her by telling the right stories.

Now it’s time to impress her with your date ideas.

Remember how I said in the beginning that learning how to court a woman is about making an effort.

You make an effort by giving her attention and by making her feel good.

But you can also make an effort by choosing date venues and date ideas that make her feel incredible.


5. Romantic travel plans make courting her easy

One of the best ways to cut a woman is to travel with her.

Of course, this can only be done once you know that she’s at least interested in you.

And it’s even better when you’re doing this at a stage when you’ve already kissed her and you maybe have already been intimate with her.

Now you want to make her your girlfriend.

Why don’t you choose a romantic destination and travel with her?

It doesn’t have to be an expensive luxury resort and you also don’t need to take a plane.

A trip to a nearby city that’s just 20 minutes by car or by train is totally enough.

It shows that you care about her and that you make an effort.

And it also communicates that you are an adventurous man, which is something that women can’t resist.


6. Give her genuine compliments

If you want to learn how to court a woman, you have to be able to give her a genuine compliment.

I’m not just talking about any compliment that you say because you want to please her or because you want her to like you.

I’m talking about a compliment that comes from your heart.

Let her know how much she means to you.

Let her know that she’s the most beautiful woman for you.

These are genuine compliments and she will feel your authenticity.


7. Be authentic about your feelings for her

In the same way, as your compliments should be authentic, you should be authentic.

No matter if you like her or you love her…

… Whether she makes you feel excited or safe…

Let her know how you really feel.

One big part of learning how to court a woman is to be that authentic man and honest seducer that she wants in her life.


8. Listen to her like no man ever has

You want to be the man who truly understands her.

You want to understand her goals and you also want to understand her pain.

Courting a woman is not just about seducing her.

It’s about truly understanding her. It’s about knowing why she acts the way she does.

It’s about listening and having the empathy to understand why she feels the way she feels.


9. Paint a beautiful picture about your future

Create your future in your mind in order to create it in your physical reality.

I truly believe that this is possible.

But no matter if you believe that or not…

Sharing images with her of your future together will make her excited for the future.

Learning how to court a woman it’s also about learning how to put these beautiful images in her mind.

Now that she sees these images, she wants to experience this future with you.


10. How to court a woman with consistency

Be consistent and you will be rewarded.

As a man who wants to learn how to court a woman, you have to be consistent.

Be consistent with your actions.

Be consistent with your words.

Be consistent with the man you are and the man you show her.

That’s how you will make her yours.

Discover how a nerdy baby-faced guy with a 30 centimeter scar makes the hottest girls chase HIM!!