How to Approach a Woman on the Street (10 Steps)

You want to know how to approach a woman on the street.

I want to show you how it’s done.

And yes, even in the year 2021 you can easily approach beautiful women by walking down a busy shopping street.

As long as you do it in a respectful way, you have nothing to worry about.

Please allow me to guide you step-by-step through the process of approaching a woman during the daytime.


1. Avoid smartphone and headphone distraction when you learn how to approach a woman on the street

The first thing you might want to do is to avoid any form of distraction.

If you go out with the goal to approach beautiful women, you need to be focused.

Where focus goes energy flows.

That’s why you need to be focused on the women that you want to talk to.

Only when can you allow your energy to flow in their direction.

What if you are distracted by listening to music or by staring at your smartphone?

Then you can’t focus on your environment.

And when you can focus on your environment, you miss out on countless opportunities to approach beautiful women.


2. You can run to approach women

You have two legs and you can use them.

One of the biggest mistakes that men make when it comes to approaching women on the street is to not run.

Yes, I admit it.

This sounds like very weird advice but I’m serious.

The best thing you can do when a woman is walking really fast is to run after her and to stop her.

The worst thing you can do when a woman smoking really fast, it’s to slowly walk behind her for 10 or even 15 minutes and then try to approach her.

After a couple of minutes, you will be so creeped out that she just wants to get away from you.

That’s the point that so many men completely miss.

They think that walking is less creepy than running.

But that’s not the case.

The worst thing you can do is to slowly walk behind her until you finally approach her.

Use the legs that mother nature gave you and run.

Of course, you don’t want to run into her.

When you are reaching her, you slow down and you then approach her.


3. Walk up to her with confidence

Are you a confident man?

I hope you are because if you want to learn how to approach a woman on the street, you need confidence.

You have to communicate with your body language that you are a confident man.

And you have to communicate with your voice that you are in fact a confident man.

A man who is truly confident doesn’t walk up to a woman with body language that communicates that you’ve already lost.

A man who is truly confident also doesn’t speak in a very low and timid voice.

Show her that you are a confident man and a winner and she’ll want to be with you and give you her number.

Women want to be approached by winners and they want to date winners.


4. Give her a genuine compliment

So many guys ask me what they should say when they approach a woman and what compliment they should use.

The answer is very simple.

You used to compliment that feels right.

If you think that she has beautiful hair you don’t tell her that she has beautiful legs.

You speak your truth.

You tell her what you really feel and what you really think the moment you see her.

That’s how a real man does it.

And that’s also the fastest way to learn how to approach a woman on the street because speaking your truth allows you to have authentic energy.

This energy is what attracts women to you.


5. Shake her hand in the softest way possible

You’re not in a business meeting.

Imagine her hand is a precious flower and you want to hold it and admire it.

That’s how you say the hand of a beautiful woman.

You don’t say her hand as if you were in a business meeting.

You don’t want to overpower her. You want to make her feel comfortable.

A soft handshake makes her feel comfortable and it allows you to touch her early on in the interaction.


6. Approach a woman on the street with an assumption

When you are then talking to her you can assume something about her.

Maybe you want to assume something about her career or her studies.

Or maybe you want to assume something about the country she’s from.

Assumptions can be a great weapon to start the interaction in a way that’s way more exciting for her than asking boring questions.


7. Approach her by respecting her private space

Respect her private space.

When it comes to learning how to approach a woman on the street, a lot of men make the mistake and get way too close to her.

I mean, I get it.

You are nervous and you want to be close to her because you are attracted to her.

But always remember that you are technically and quite literally still strangers.

She doesn’t know if you are a great guy or if you want to steal her smartphone.

Respect her private space and keep some distance between you and her.

Once she gets more comfortable with you, you can take a step towards her and then see if she does the same.


8. Ask her deep questions when you approach her

Narrative already used one or two assumptions and you’re having a conversation, you can ask her questions.

But don’t bore her with boring questions.

She doesn’t care about the weather and she also doesn’t care are about the biggest building in the city.

She wants to talk to a man who is really interested in getting to know her.

So get to know her.

Ask her about her craziest experiences and about her most memorable memories.

Ask her about your biggest passion and her bucket list.

That’s how you get to know a woman you just approached.


9. Assume that she’ll give you her number

Most men make the mistake and ask for a girl’s number.

This can make you appear needy and desperate.

And it also makes it easier for her to say no because she’s been conditioned by society and her parents to say no when a stranger asks for her number.

Confident men never ask.

As a confident man who is learned how to approach a woman on the street, you assume that she will give you her number.

Just say:

“I really enjoyed talking to you. Let’s stay in contact. Here…put your number in my phone.”

Then you give for your phone and see how she types her number into your phone.


10. Don’t end the conversation immediately after you got her number

This is also a popular mistake that men who are in the process of learning how to approach a woman on the street love to make.

As soon as they get the number, they say goodbye.

What do you communicate by doing that?

You communicate that you don’t really care about getting to know and that you just want the digits.

Why don’t you continue to enjoy the conversation and then end it when it feels right?

This gives her the feeling that you really care about her and it makes it more likely that she will text you back.

And she will give you her number and text back…

…because you now know how to approach a woman on the street.