Getting Out of the Friendzone: 7 Ways Out

Getting out of the friendzone is one of the hardest things a man can accomplish.

Climbing a mountain is easy.

Fighting sharks is a walk in the park.

Battling grizzly bears in the snow is fun in comparison to this journey.

Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit.

I just want to let you know and that I know how you are feeling.

You want to know if getting out of the friend zone is actually possible.

You want to know if there’s the slightest chance that she will see you as the attractive man that you truly are.

And yes, I believe that you are this attractive man. And I believe that a lot of women are attracted to you.

However, I also believe that you have done certain things when you approach her or on the first date that forced her to put you in the friendzone.

The biggest misconception about the friend zone is that women put you in it.

That’s not the case at all.

You put yourself in the friendzone through your behavior and because you probably have the wrong mindset.

Let’s change your mindset and let’s have a look at what you can do better the next time you meet this girl.

And yes, if you follow the advice I share with you in this article, there will be a next time for you.


1. Getting out of the friendzone is only possible if you are willing to learn from your mistakes

You have to learn from your mistakes.

How painful it can be to accept the fact that you are responsible for your position in the Friend Zone.

This is the only way how you can learn how to get out of the friendzone and how you can prevent landing in the friendzone in the first place.

Like I already said, and the uncomfortable truth that a lot of men refuse to accept is that we as men are responsible when we land in the Friend Zone.

It’s not her fault. It’s your fault.

That’s why the only way to learn how to get out of the friendzone is to get over your male ego and to accept the fact that you are responsible for this situation.

Take responsibility for your life. And also take responsibility for the Friend Zone that you put yourself in.

Once you make the decision that you are responsible for being in this position, you have the emotional and mental capacity to learn from your mistakes.

If you, however, how your male ego to win this battle…well… Then getting out of the friend zone is impossible.

It’s impossible because you won’t see your mistakes and you won’t take responsibility for your mistakes

Now I ask you:

Is getting out of the friendzone more important to you than holding on to your ego?

Then you can make the conscious decision to not make the following mistakes the next time you see her…


2. Be less needy and desperate

One of the main reasons why men land in the friendzone is because they are needy and desperate.

Neediness is always the result of a lack of options or a perceived lack of options.

A man who has the choice to date beautiful women will not act needy and as a result he won’t land in the friendzone.

On the other hand, a man who thinks that he has no choices will act needy and he is destined to land in the friendzone.


3. Stop sending her multiple texts

If getting out of the friendzone is your goal, you should stop sending her multiple texts.

In fact, you shouldn’t be texting her at all. At least it shouldn’t always be you who is initiating the texting conversation.

One of the fastest ways to get in the friend zone is to text her all the time.

It shows that you are way too invested way too early when it comes to your relationship with her.

And it also shows that you are not living a busy life. No woman wants to date a man without a purpose.


4. Get busy with improving your life

One of the fastest ways to get out of the friendzone is to show her that you are the kind of man that you always wanted to date.

How do you do that?

You do it by becoming one of the top 1% of men. And believe me, that’s easier than you might expect.

Most men are average.

Most men don’t improve their bodies at the gym. Most men don’t improve their minds while reading and educating themselves.

And most men don’t live an adventurous lifestyle.

Are you different?

Communicate the fact that you are different with your actions and with the way you portrait your lifestyle.

Yes, it doesn’t hurt too to upload a few pictures on Instagram and that show you living your life to the fullest.

And it also doesn’t hurt to tell her that you’re not available today because you were studying something or because you’re improving your body at the gym.

Women are naturally attracted to ambitious men who want to be in the top 1%.

So her that you have potential and she will pull you out of the Friend Zone.


5. Turn the imbalance around by showing less interest in her

Another popular mistake that men make when they are put in the friendzone is that they show way too much interest way too early.

Calm down.

She’s not the one and she’s also not the love of your life. She’s just a girl you’re talking to and now she’s a girl you’re going on a date with.

The less you show her from now on that you are interested in her, the more she will be interested in you.

We human beings are biologically designed to want what we can’t have.

Now she’s in the position where she’s afraid to lose you because she thinks that you are no longer afraid to lose her.


6. Stop being her therapist

Getting out of the friend zone is absolutely impossible if you continue to be her therapist.

Stop listening to her when she’s talking about other guys. Stop giving her advice about other guys while you’re hoping that it will lead to something.

It will lead to nothing and we both know that.

Stop acting like the therapist. Instead, act like her lover.

These are two different types of men.

It’s your choice which one of these two men you want to be.


7. Tell her about other girls you are seeing

Getting out of the friendzone gets a lot easier when she knows that you are seeing other girls.

Or let me say it like this…

You don’t have to tell her that you were seeing other girls but you have to let her know verbally or non verbally that other women are interested in you.

Women want to date men who can date other women.

Believe it or not, but one of the main reasons why women put you in the friendzone is because they have the feeling that you have no other option than to date her.

A woman wants to be your main choice but never your only choice.