Ex Came Back After Months of No Contact: What to Do

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Your ex came back after months of no contact.

That’s some shocking news. I mean, if I were in your position I would be shocked. In fact, I would be speechless.

I don’t even want to imagine all the emotions that I would experience if my ex showed up out of nowhere.

Let me ask you something:

Do you feel overwhelmed?

I bet you do. I’m pretty sure that this experience is quite overwhelming for you and that you still don’t know how to deal with your emotions.

You are probably surprised. You are shocked. You are confused. And you might even be a little bit angry.

Why angry?

Well, because you haven’t heard from her in such a long time. Now all kinds of thoughts are running through your head.

You have no idea why your ex came back after months of no contact. And you want to know the reason.

You have to know the reason!

Before you drive yourself crazy and create all kinds of scenarios in your mind…why don’t you ask her?


Ex came back after months of no contact: Why?

Ask her why she suddenly comes back.

There must be a reason and you want to find it out. You are curious and you are just one question away from satisfying your curiosity.

Why now?

That’s the first thing I would ask her. You want to know what happened in her life that motivated her to suddenly text you, or call you, or show up at your apartment.

I can almost guarantee you that it’s not because she wants to be friends with you.

It’s probably also not because she can’t afford a place to stay.

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She could still live with her parents or with a friend. Oh no, there’s another reason why your ex came back after months of no contact.

She’s attracted to you. There’s a very high chance that this woman wants you back.

She might even be honest to you and tell you that she misses you and that she wants you back.

But maybe she’s not.

Maybe she pretends that she just wants to hang out and be friends.

Closely observe her body language and how she acts around you.

The way she behaves around you reveals so much more than her words. Actions always speak louder than words.


Be careful if she wants a rebound relationship

How does it feel like to start the conversation with your ex-girlfriend?

Does it feel natural or do you have the feeling that something smells fishy?

Observe her very carefully and listen to every word she says.

The moment she starts talking about her ex-boyfriend (no, not you) I would be very suspicious.

If she says one of the following sentences, you should take your feet and run:

“The relationship between me and Michael didn’t work out.”

“While dating Michael I realized that you treated me so much better.”

“Michael and I just broke up two weeks ago but it showed me how much I missed you.”

It’s not Michael’s fault that she sees you as the perfect opportunity for a rebound relationship. Don’t be angry at that dude.

Instead, ask yourself if you really want to be the rebound relationship for your ex-girlfriend…just so you can be her ex-boyfriend a second time.

That sounds pretty depressing to me.


Maybe her new lifestyle made her unhappy

This can also be a reason why your ex came back after months of no contact.

Maybe she was the one who broke up with you because she has read eat pray love and as a result, she wanted to “find herself“.

Be careful with that term. Whenever a woman says that she wants to “find herself”, it usually means that she wants to travel and hook up with random guys.

And hey, maybe she has hooked up with a bunch of guys and realized that this lifestyle doesn’t satisfy her emotionally.

That’s why your ex came back after months of no contact. She misses the emotional connection that she shared with you.

The question is:

Do you really want to take her back in this situation?

I won’t tell you what to do because eventually, it’s your choice what you do with your life.

I can only share my personal perspective and option with you.

If my ex-girlfriend had broken up with me because she wanted to “find herself”, I would not take her back anymore.

The pain would be too much.


You have to ask yourself if you want the same drama again

Do you want that history to repeat itself?

That’s also a very important question to ask yourself when your ex came back after months of no contact.

Do you want to experience the same breakup twice?

You might be saying that this time everything will be different.

Well, I’ve heard that before. Most of the time it won’t be different.

It’s just that your emotions are overwhelming you so much that you can’t stop thinking about all the amazing memories you shared.

At the same time, you forget about all the drama and the broken promises that were a part of your relationship.

Make sure that you are absolutely certain that history won’t repeat itself before you even think about trying it again.

Can you even be absolutely certain?


Continue to enjoy your single life if you enjoy it

That’s the best advice I can give you when your ex came back after months of no contact.

If you are at a point in your life where you enjoy your single life then please keep living your best life.

What if you have one or two women in your life who you are hooking up with?

What if you have a great social life and enjoy going out?

What if you enjoy your freedom and your life?

Then don’t get back together with your ex-girlfriend just because your ex came back after months of no contact.

Live your life and do what you love.


Make sure that her interest is based on love and not on avoidance

Speaking of love…

Let’s say you really love this woman. You love her with all your heart. And you want her back.

Then make sure that her interest is also based on love and not on avoiding the alternative of getting back together with you.

Here’s what I mean by that:

If your ex came back after months of no contact because she genuinely loves you and you love her too…well…then you have my blessing.

But you still have to be careful.

What if she just feels lonely, is heartbroken, or is sick and tired of the party lifestyle?

Then continue to enjoy your single life.

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