How to Tell a Girl You Like Her

Today I want to show you how to tell a girl you like her because…well… Who is she? Come on, admit it! You didn’t click on this article because you have nobody on your mind. I know for a fact (or at least I’m 99% sure) that you are thinking about a specific woman. And … Read more

11 Signs Your Ex-Girlfriend Has Moved On

signs your ex-girlfriend has moved on

These are the 11 signs your ex-girlfriend has moved on. I have to warn you. Reading this article can be very painful for you. It can be painful because you might be going through a breakup right now. Or maybe your breakup is already a couple of days or weeks past but you still think … Read more

No Contact For 30 Days: 10 Pros and Cons

No Contact For 30 Days

No contact for 30 days. Let’s have a look at what it means and whether or not it’s a good idea to follow this rule. Maybe you are going through a breakup right now. Or maybe your relationship has already ended and you want to get over the woman you once called your girlfriend. Maybe … Read more

How Often Should You Text Your Crush? 9 Answers!

How Often Should You Text Your Crush

How often should you text your crush? Well, you can definitely overdo it. I don’t know if you’re familiar with this band Eiffel 65 but they once had a song in which they said too much of heaven can bring you underground. The same is true for texting. Sending too many texts in a row … Read more

Double Texting a Girl: Is it Ever Okay?

Double Texting a Girl

You are here because you want to know if double texting a girl is ever okay. And I’m pretty sure that you’ve already made this mistake in the past. Or maybe it isn’t even a mistake. Maybe it’s something that’s actually smart to do. Or maybe not? That’s what I want to discuss with you … Read more

When to Stop Pursuing a Girl (10 Signals)

when to stop pursuing a girl

You want to know when to stop pursuing a girl. Let me guess. You are totally into her. You want nothing more than to be with her. That’s just one problem. You are not sure if you should continue pursuing her. In fact, you don’t even know if she’s into you. I mean, you want … Read more