Have you ever struggled in meeting or dating women?

Do you know how it feels to be a nice guy and treat women well but it seems that they’re more interested in other guys, some of them who surely won’t treat them as you would?

There’s a lot of guys like that and I know that feeling; yes, I was one of those guys.

Most of the times when girls hung around it wasn’t long until I discovered they thought I was “such a good friend”. Yes, you have a crush on her and she sees you as a friend and even talks to you about bad experiences with other guys.

It got to a point that I felt so miserable that I just decided that I had to change this part of my life, no matter what.

It took time and there were many moments that I felt I was just wasting my time and that I’d never make it. But through persistence and getting up again, I made it.

I can’t attract 100% of women, and I don’t want to. We all have different tastes and preferences. Even though not every woman will be attracted to you, I’m very confident that you will achieve great success in your dating life and date incredibly beautiful women if you follow my journey and the advice I share with you.

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I’ll be sharing my experience and what I’ve learned about how to deal with many different situations.

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